Ship Stats

All Ships have 12 stats that define their abilities.

  • Projectile Build Speed: How fast your Projectiles are produced
  • Projectile Velocity: How fast projectiles travel when fired
  • Projectile Power: How much damage your Projectiles can do
  • Projectile Capacity: How many projectiles the ship can store of each type
  • Engine Power: How fast the ship can move using its main engines
  • Engine Fuel Capacity: How far the Ship can go with fully charged engines
  • Engine Recharge Rate: How fast the engines of the ship recharge
  • Shield Strength: How much damage the shields of the ship can absorb before failing
  • Shield Recharge Rate: How fast shields recharge
  • Armor Strength: How much damage the ship can take
  • Area of Effect: The size of the area of effect of your projectiles.
  • Deploy Capacity: How many active deployables the ship can control at once

Different Ships have different stat distributions, but all stats are balanced compared to each other. Players have the ability to modify their ship's stats to cater to their desired play style and strategy.



ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is a Projectile-Based Tactical game set in the distant future.

Players battle each other on roads in space, called Hyperchannels, as they pilot massive Ships capable of firing a wide variety of Projectiles.

Multiple Ships with varying attributes are at the player's disposal as they progress in level and earn credits throughout the ongoing war.

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