Production Station - Modules

  • Ballistic Module: Produces simple, direct damage Projectiles.
  • Tactical Module: Produces more complex Projectiles. Timing and accuracy are important, but these projectiles can be devestating in the right situation
  • Hyperbol Module: Produces the Hyperbol; the most damaging of the Projectiles.
  • Impulse Module: Produces versatile, defensive Projectiles.
  • Vex Module: Produces Projectiles which serve unique and interesting purposes.
  • Gravity Module: Produces path-altering Projectiles. Primarily defensive.


ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is a Projectile-Based Tactical game set in the distant future.

Players battle each other on roads in space, called Hyperchannels, as they pilot massive Ships capable of firing a wide variety of Projectiles.

Multiple Ships with varying attributes are at the player's disposal as they progress in level and earn credits throughout the ongoing war.

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