2098 Faction War

After the Mars gateway was disabled, total anarchy ensued across the Hub Sector. The IMF attempted to control the situation and instill their version of order. The scattered pirate groups rallied together to take advantage of the chaos and formed The Syndicate. Some remnants from the corporations joined Devon Drake to oppose the IMF in establishing a perceived dictatorship, and instead sought to recreate a form of government to organize the chaotic sector. To increase their arsenal, the Factions converted the abundance of non-lethal Hyperbol ordnance to lethal ordnance.

What once was used for competition was transformed into weapons of war. After 2 years, the 3 Factions had taken over all of the former corporation territories in the sector and are at a stalemate. Starports, the once active stations for non-corporation businesses, were reactivated by the Factions in hopes of attracting the drifters, privateers, mercenaries, former corporation employees, and anyone else to join in the fight for a price.


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