2053 The Jumpstart

A deserted outpost is discovered inside of Mars by a research team. The outpost contains incredibly advanced technology and appears to have been deserted for over 300 years. The research team is mysteriously able to interface with the outpost's computer systems and gain full access to the technology. They learn that this outpost is one of hundreds of research facilities set up by an alien race called the Zell to monitor intelligent life in this galaxy. The life this outpost was monitoring was human life on Earth. Reasons for the outpost being abandoned were unknown, but the method of evacuation was quickly discovered.

A hyperspace gateway connecting the Mars outpost to a very distant sector of our galaxy was activated by the research team after careful study of the technology. This sector was used as a central hub to the other outposts, supplying power and resources through the gateways. The Hub Sector was rich with advanced technology and various resource installations. Hyperon energy was discovered, and humanity wasn't ready for it...


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