2054 – 2096 Corporation Era


Quickly seeing the potential of The Hub Sector, the major corporations moved in to dominate the rich resources available. Over time, the corporations merged or were taken over to leave only 4 massive corporations. An ancient Zell tournament known as "Hyperbol" was quickly embraced once the arenas were activated again. Since passage through the gateway was expensive for the average person, people felt quite rooted in this sector and a culture started forming. Hyperbol became the game of choice, especially after the corporations began sponsoring Hyperbol athletes. Common workers were given the opportunity to outfit their ships for use in the tournament and had a chance to change their lives.

Piracy started to become an issue as a scattered rogue element raided peaceful ships and small facilities. To combat this issue, the corporations established the Intercorporation Military Force to provide security for everyone in the sector. The corporations were in a stable balance of power until a scandal occurred involving a corporation sponsored Hyperbol athlete. This scandal remarkably caused the collapse of the corporations, and soon the whole sector tumbled into a state of chaos. The former corporation executives were evacuated via the gateway that linked the Hub Sector to Mars. Shortly after the evacuation, the gateway became permanently inactive through a suspected act of sabotage.


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