What genre is the game?

The game's pretty different, so pinning it into a particular genre would be difficult. It has a lot of strategy elements, requires arcade-like reflexes, and it all centers around projectiles. The name we came up with to best describe it is Projectile-Based Tactical, but calling it an Action-Strategy works too.

How do you pronounce 'Hyperbol'?


Why not just call the game Hyperball?

It's a long story. It started out as a play on words, and over time it just stuck.

What's the learning curve like?

On the average it takes a casual fps/rts gamer about 30 minutes to grasp the fundamentals of the game. Since the game is so different, a lot of the player get intimidated at first, but once you understand the basics, everything tends to fall into place.

Is there a Linux server?

Currently we do not have a version of the dedicated server that works on Linux natively. However, it is possible to run a dedicated server through WINE.

Where can I buy it?

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What are the system requirements?

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Do I need to be online to play?

Nope. You can play through the tutorial and training maps without an internet connection, and also host your own LAN games. In order to participate in the persistent universe (ie playing as a character and joining battles to improve your character and influence the war) you will need to be online with a valid Starport account.

How many people can I play against at once?

A server can hold a maximum of 16 players. In a typical Objective game, you will be on a team of 8 players versus 8 other players.

Can I alter / mod the game?

It is possible to greatly alter and mod the game, and you can also create more maps using the map editor. While we don't offer any support for mods officially, there are several third party tools that can be used. Please see the TSHB Content Creators site for more information.

I'm having a problem with the game, what should I do?

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